Client Testimonials

Quoted below are genuine testimonials given by clients who have seen NLP Hypnotherapist Michael Kaufmann at his clinic.

Michael Kaufmann NLP Hypnotherapist, Canterbury

Michael Kaufmann, NLP & Hypnotherapy, Canterbury, Kent

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Rita came to see me for weight loss;

I've felt a huge difference in myself since our last session, it was immediate and patterns of my behaviour were instantly different. I've found I still get the ideas to eat certain foods but there is little to no 'urge' behind them and they pass quickly. I must say, it's strange to be able to have biscuits in my drawer and not demolish them, in fact I've been having one or two and that's it.......! Amazing stuff !

Rita C., Essex

William came to see me because of severe unhappiness at work;

You have made an enormous difference in my life. I feel like a completely different person from when I first walked through your door. The whole Time Line thing is amazing...

William V., Canada

Martha wanted to overcome unwanted eating habits and lose weight;

Thank you for yesterday's NLP session, it was the most dynamic, powerful and stressfree session I have ever had. I felt as I was flying, more or less on top of the world. This morning I woke up with a big bang of happiness. Thank you so much, I know and I can feel this food issue will be gone for good out of my life.

When I contacted Martha eight weeks later to follow up on her progress, this was her reply;

I am doing very well and feeling stronger and stronger every day, I can now see the weight dropping off, I feel in control. I thank you for helping me.

Martha N., London

Susan came to see me for help with letting go of unhealthy attachments to an ex-boyfriend, so that she would finally be able to start a new relationship;

I'm quite excited actually - I've met someone!!! It's early days so I shouldn't be getting carried away but it's great how free I feel, having shaken off the stagnant feelings I had for T. at long last. It's great to have something so fresh and new in my life!

Susan H., Ashford

Rachel came to see me for anxiety and fear of public speaking;

I have just come out of a team meeting – and guess what? I spoke up today for the first time in months. I did what you told me and changed my perceived fear into something which I am actually very excited about. I traced the excitement back to a past time when a similar situation would have been actually very exhilarating for me. As soon as I did that, I felt better and I actually felt that I wanted to speak up in front of these people. It was quite empowering. A breakthrough I would say. I feel like I am more myself and liking it. I felt that I knew what to say and how to say it. I felt more complete and contented.

Rachel O., Canterbury

Thomas came to see me for help with his fear of public speaking and was dreading the speech that he had to give at his daughter's wedding;

The wedding was absolutely stunning and I am delighted to say my speech was genuinely good bordering on excellent. No nerves, no dry mouth and I am pleased to say I got quite a few laughs and some (I believe) genuine applause. The assessment was not mine by the way, it was a very happy bride and satisfied groom!!

Thomas D., Hythe

Recently, I was approached by four members of staff of a national newspaper with the request to create a stress management programme for them as a group. At the end of the fifth session, I asked the group to write down how they felt they had benefited so far. These are some of their comments;

"I feel better able to cope with the tensions of work by using the techniques we have been taught. I really look forward to the sessions and feel like I have come to rely on them to some extent."

"Just the thought of coming to the relaxation class helps me to feel calm. I don't dread coming to work anymore, I am starting to really enjoy it again."

"By going to the stress management group, I have been able to come off my anti-depressants more easily than the times I've tried before."

"I think the classes have contributed to a higher moral in the office."

Amber came to see me for help with ending a relationship that was draining her energy and interfering with her well-being;

The NLP session was so helpful and powerful.... am writing lots and keep reminding myself to stay positive and remember all the lessons

Amber T., Whitstable

Elizabeth saw me because of bursts of anger and jealousy which kept sabotaging her relationship with the man she is deeply in love with and wants to marry.

I just wanted to let you know, that I am doing really, really well… I have most definitely come a long way, and I have never felt so at peace with myself. J. proposed to me a few weeks back and I gladly accepted. I am so happy Michael. I also wanted to say a great big thank you for your help and your guidance.

Elizabeth B., Canterbury

Fiona saw me because of her phobia using the London Underground, causing her to not have used it for 10 years.

1. text message, evening after our session: "Hi Michael, I got the tube, felt nervous when it stopped outside a station but was ok. Thanks for all your help!"
2. text message, morning after our session: "Hi Michael, I got the tube to work and feel great about it! So happy! Thank you!"
3. text message, evening of day after our session: "Hi Michael, I took the tube home, no problem, so pleased, thank you again!"
Follow-up by email a month later:
"Hi Michael, I am doing very well thanks for asking. I have been getting home with plenty of time to spend with my son, so it has made me a lot happier.

Fiona T., London