Past Life Regression & Time Line Techniques

On this page, I would like to tell you a little more about the Time Line techniques of NLP and past life regression, both of which I love working with because they are immensely helpful not only for overcoming all sorts of problems, but for bringing greater depth and progress to spiritual work.

Since starting my clinical practice 26 years ago in 1997, I have had the wonderful opportunity to help hundreds of clients make important changes in their lives, to become healthier, stop smoking, loose weight, gain emotional freedom, enjoy greater success and confidence, overcome limiting beliefs and, most importantly, learn to know and understand themselves better.

One of my approaches has been to understand a problem not as a condition, but as a coping strategy in response to a painful experience and the ensuing memory of it with the hurt, the fear, the inner conflict, the sense of failure etc. attached to it. It is such memories, whether we recall them or bury them in the subconscious, that can trouble and bias us for many years, even for many lives.

Nowadays, we may believe in past lives or not, but until not long ago, the continuity of consciousness beyond life in a physical body had been a central assumption of nearly every civilization on Earth.

After the death of the body, I believe that we live on as consciousness, as a soul, and from time to time, we re-incarnate into a physical body. Many spiritual teachers, which nowadays includes a few scientists too, have likened life in a physical body to going to the movies or to driving a car for a while. We are more than what our senses tell us, more than the body and mind that we have. It is this “more”, the core of our soul, that lives on from life to life and it carries its memories with it from life to life. For most of us, these memories are buried in the subconscious, but this doesn’t mean that they are not affecting us.

Above a certain level of intensity, painful experiences create powerful imprints upon the soul with strong emotional charges attached. These imprints can lead to negative beliefs and associations, which can then bias our choices and create emotional imbalance, unhelpful habits and limiting decisions even several lives later.

The Time Line techniques of NLP allow us to access memories from a past life. This style of past life regression is done in a very focused way, using an emotional guidance system to find the memories that are relevant to the issues we would like to change. In this way, the client’s current problem is being traced back to the original imprint in the past and a powerful healing and completion process is being engaged, allowing the soul to regain its freedom.

Your Time Line serves as a vast and detailed index system for all your memories from all your lives. This is especially important when you don’t understand why you have a certain problem or why it seems so hard to change, as if the reason could not be found in this life. The Time Line techniques of NLP are so powerful because they take the randomness out of past life regression therapy, and more importantly, a vision of your Time Line opens a window to the deeper meaning of your life and its relationship with previous lives.